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Family Law Cases

Many people have family law issues that arise during their lives. As an attorney who practices in family law, I have a strong understanding of how emotionally devastating these cases may be. I help my clients with both their contested and uncontested divorces. Even when couples agree on most things, a person may still need help making sure that certain agreements are fair and equitable, protecting their interests and rights. I help my clients with their divorce cases, whether they have children or they do not. In agreed custody matters, I help my clients prepare their parenting plans and file it with the family court.

In cases where there is no agreement, I am often successful at negotiating with the other party in order to secure one. It is often in the best interests of everyone involved to reach an agreement. Doing so allows them to have control over how they will handle such things as child custody, support and property division. When these decisions are left for a judge to decide, the decision may be one with which a person will be unhappy.

I believe every family law and divorce case should be taken seriously. I advocate fiercely for my clients in order to protect their rights and interests. In addition to divorce matters, I handle other types of family court issues, including child custody and support and post-decree modifications of orders.

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