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Personal Injury Law

A personal injury is legally defined as an injury to your body, mind or emotions caused by the wrongful actions of another person. Through a filed lawsuit, the person who failed in their duty of care may be held civilly liable to pay damages to the injured plaintiff. As the attorney at Jill Haste Law Group, PLLC, I hold a strong belief that people who are injured by another's wrongful actions deserve to be compensated for their losses. In order to help my injured clients, I work one-on-one with them from the first time we meet. I will advocate for you all the way through your case, including through jury trial if litigation becomes necessary.

I can assist you with a wide variety of injury cases. In addition to those involving motor vehicle accidents, I can also help with such matters as dog bites, slip-and-fall cases and many others. At your initial consultation, I will ask you questions so that I can learn more about your case. This helps me to choose a good strategy in order to help you recover what you deserve.

I offer free consultations to help you determine whether you wish to retain my services. If I represent you, I will do so on a contingency fee basis. This means that you will not be charged attorney fees unless I recover a settlement or receive a jury award on your behalf.

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